• Because...

    if you set your price too high, you lose the client

    if you set your price too low, you leave money on the table







    A really useful app to work out the right price to quote

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    Apple App Store ratings

    As at April 2023

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    1,500+ active users

    As at March 2023

  • Users of the app report they derive prices, on average, 5 to 10% higher than their original estimates and still win the work. Key reasons: [1] they have priced more objectively, and [2] they have more confidence in their pricing conversations.

  • Read a glowing review of the app in law.com - #1 legal website in the world.

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    George Beaton

    Executive Chair

    "New, easy, clever app to calculate the ‘right’ fixed price."

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    Stephen Spencer

    Head of Pricing, DLA Piper

    "It's excellent"

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    Colin Jasper


    "It helps professionals navigate the broad range of issues that should influence the amount to be charged.”

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    Sylvia Hodges Silverstein

    Columbia Law School & Executive Director BLC

    "Concerned about your pricing being off? There's an app for that!"

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    Ben Lethborg


    "With the movement away from time billing to fixed and value pricing, no doubt this will be a useful tool for quoting new engagements."

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    Jonathan Caplan


    "I started with a ballpark price of $6,000. After using the app I re-priced it at $7,200. And the client said ‘yes’.”

    Sophie Cohen, Senior Lawyer at View Legal

    Sophie Cohen


    "It captures that ‘value to the client’ component very quickly, rather than me stewing over it and trying to balance the relevant factors in my head."

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    Jodie Baker

    CEO & Founder

    "I've downloaded it and taken it out for a spin. Awesome!"

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    Chris Morsley


    "It gives me much more confidence with proposals, in meetings and even negotiating."

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    John Chisholm

    Value-pricing expert

    “There is great nobility in being paid what you are worth. This app is a terrific tool to help professionals understand the value they are providing.”

  • How it works

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    What does it do

    The app recalculates the price based on your ratings


    50+ criteria to choose from


    All data stored on your phone and not in the cloud

  • LATEST: the app can now be used on new Apple laptops and desktops using the M1 chip. Search 'Price High or Low' in the Apple App Store.

  • What does it cost

    The app is offered with a 7-day free trial and a monthly subscription thereafter.

    You can cancel the subscription at any stage.


    US$8.99 / month


    £7.99 /


    A$9.99 / month

    Rest of world

    Visit App Store

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    Law Institute of Victoria (Australia) Journal

    Review of Price High or Low App

  • Why is it useful

    The app can help in a variety of pricing scenarios

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    Feature #1

    Tailor to your needs

    Pick the criteria most relevant to you, your clients and the project you're pricing

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    Feature #2:

    Access bank of criteria

    Select from over 50 pre-defined decision criteria

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    Feature #3

    Add your own criteria

    Add your own criteria and fields using your own words

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    Feature #4

    Save templates

    Save and reuse templates for specific offers and clients

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    Feature #5

    Share work in progress

    Share your thinking with others. Use the Delphi or panel technique to set price level.

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    Feature #6

    All data stored on your phone

    None of your data including saved templates is stored in the cloud or remotely

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    Feature #7

    Help menu

    In addition to describing how to use the app, the Help menu details each criterion and why it might drive price higher or lower.

  • The app is priced at $US8.99 / month in the USA. The exchange rates used for pricing in other countries are set by Apple.

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    What's our story

    I’m a strategy consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.


    Most of my consulting engagements are quoted upfront. Setting the ‘right’ fixed price is often a challenge because value is different for every client and for every project.


    To address this issue, I developed an Excel-based algorithm to take account of qualitative factors like client needs, competition, risk and strategic opportunity.


    I decided to convert my algorithm into an app - PRICE HIGH OR LOW.


    Happy pricing.

    Joel Barolsky


    Managing Director of Barolsky Advisors

    Senior Fellow of the University of Melbourne

    Member of the Australian Legal Technology Association

    Opinion writer for the Australian Financial Review

    Twitter: @Barolsky

    LinkedIn: joelbarolsky

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    Joel has been a Senior Fellow of the Melbourne University Law School for over 15 years.


    He teaches a course "Management for Professionals" on the Melbourne JD and Melbourne Law Masters programs.

  • How to use it:

    10 Tips for Pricing, BD and Practice Managers

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    #1 Free-up your time by enabling your Partners to 'self-help' on less complex matters

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    #2 Reinforce learning after pricing training

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    #3 Help serial under-quoters get paid what they're worth

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    #4 Co-create customised templates with your Partners

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    #5 Drive greater consistency in pricing decisions and behaviours across your firm

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    #6 Provide feedback on draft templates via the "SHARE" feature

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    #7 Go beyond project costing - focus on pricing the client and value created

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    #8 Capture decision rationale to price smarter next time

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    #9 Set price level using the Delphi (panel) technique

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    #10 Use as an ongoing coaching tool

  • What's new on our blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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    Where to get it

    • On your iOS device, click on the black rectangular button below or type 'price high or low" in the App Store search function
    • The app is only available for use on Apple iPhones, iPads and on new Apple laptops and desktops using M1 chips. 

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  • Who to contact


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  • What to note

    The "Suggested price" figure calculated in the PRICE HIGH OR LOW app should not be taken as professional advice, but merely as indicative. The final pricing decision rests with the user(s). Barolsky Advisors Pty Ltd accepts no warranty, takes no responsibility, and seeks no benefit from any pricing decisions made by users.

    Terms and Privacy Policy

    Barolsky Advisors Pty Ltd ("us", "we", or "our") operates the Price High or Low mobile application (the "Service"). This page informs you of our terms of use and policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information when you use our Service. By using the Service, you agree to these terms and the privacy policy.



    The "Suggested price" figure calculated in the PRICE HIGH OR LOW app should not be taken as professional advice but merely as indicative. The final pricing decision rests with the user(s). Barolsky Advisors Pty Ltd accepts no warranty, takes no responsibility, and seeks no benefit from any pricing decisions made by users. The PRICE HIGH OR LOW website mentions that some users experience, on average, a 5 to 10% price gain by using the Service. Barolsky Advisors Pty Ltd does not warrant or guarantee in any way that any other past, current or future users will achieve similar benefits.



    Use of Personal Information

    No data about your pricing decisions, your choice of criteria, your weightings, your preferred currency, nor your stored templates are transferred to an external database in the cloud or any other external storage device. This information is stored on your phone and can be permanently deleted at any time. Some of this data may be stored when you do personal backups of all the data on your device.


    As the platform provider, Apple may capture and store some personal information about your use of the app, This includes frequency and duration of use, the type of mobile device you use, your mobile device unique ID, the IP address of your mobile device, your mobile operating system, the type of mobile Internet browser you use and other statistics ("Log Data"). Apple provides not provide us with this personal information, but merely a summary of all app users.


    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.


    Last updated: 7 September 2021